About MME

What is MME-365?

Marketing Management Enterprise, LLC, is a Premier Marketing, Management, Advertising, Consulting, & Business Support Network.  At Marketing Management Enterprise we Develop, Connect, & Enhance Profitable Businesses by providing them with a full range of business services, solutions, resources, tools & information in one convenient place.  Are you looking for professional business services? Want to grow your sales? Want to start a business? Need a website? Do not know where to start, then M.M.E can help!  Our dedicated staff guides you to the optimal solutions that best fit your business conditions.  At M.M.E we provide in-depth marketing, advertising, consulting, & much more. Every entity that works with us will benefit from our diversified resources, established connections, & be highly satisfied with the professional manner in, which we conduct business. MME-365 helps you find the right solutions to meet all your business needs. Since 2015 we have been helping business owner obtain their dreams, by provide high quality trusted services. See the difference Marketing Management Enterprise, LLC can have on your business Contact us Today at Customer Support

Our Standards

Mission StatementMarketing Management Enterprise, LLC mission is to Simplify Entities Marketing & Advertising capabilities by connecting our clients to a wide range of business services, filing, information, tools, & resources provide by us & our Affiliates.  Developing, Connecting & Enhancing Profitable Business is Our Mission. Marketing Simplified Built to Develop, Connect & Enhance Your Business.
ValuesMarketing Management Enterprise, LLC plans to become a well-recognized name in our industry by providing effective services. We promise to make sure every one of our clients is 100% satisfied with the services or products we provide. Marketing Management Enterprise values excellent services and profitability for both us and our clients, but the 3 values M.M.E holds closely are Customers’ satisfaction, compliance, and productivity.   M.M.E wants to hear your feedback. Contact us at Customer Support for general inquiries or to request more information.     GoalMarketing Management Enterprise, LLC goal is to connect Entities in one convenient platform, built to help them thrive, by bringing all the most affordable, credible, and reliable business services/solutions to our clients in one place. Our goal is to become a highly profitable private company that is a well-recognized name in our industries, by providing high-quality services, solutions, & products at or below market prices.
VisionMarketing Management Enterprise, LLC thrives on being The Most Diversified Private Marketing & Advertising Agency in the Midwest and Eventually the United States. The vision is to make M.M.E the U.S Preferred Business Support Network, with 1000s of satisfied customers nationwide.
Our PromiseWe promise to keep improving our services & diversify our channels.  M.M.E promises to always embrace creative strategies & new ideas that help us improve our services, product & the manner in which we represent our companies & our affiliate companies. We promise to always be compliant on behave of affiliates. We promise to always provide high-quality products & services, to our clients. We promise to always conduct business in a professional manner.  If any of our clients/customers are not 100% satisfied contact us & we will resolve your issue immediately.  Our T.Q.C.M ensures that all products are the highest quality service.
ObjectiveMarketing Management Enterprise aims to be highly profitable, with millions of satisfied customers. We plan to always innovate our services and products by making each & every experience better than the last.  M.M.E strives to create an ongoing relationship between clients by offering the most convenient services, combined with simplified marketing/advertising methods.  We will always maintain & develop ongoing relationships with our Partners & Affiliates.  Marketing Management Enterprise, LLC always thrives on finding new ways to reduce our overall expenses, while increasing our revenue sources.  We always aim to keep our Marketing Budget near zero, this ensures we can reduce other entities Marketing Budgets.  M.M.E Built to Connect & Enhance Business.

North American Industry Classification System Codes

Primary & Secondary Codes 541613-Marketing Consulting Service541800-Advertising and Related Service561400 Business Support Services541610-Management Consulting Service711320- Promoter of Performing Arts and Sport or Similar Event w/o Facilities Standard Industrial Classification CodePrimary Code73890300 Advertising Promotional

Our Roadmap

Marketing Management Enterprise, LLC always thrives on constantly enhancing our service and diversify our Company. To do this we must stay actively pursuing new projects, resources, features, and additional business services, that can enhance our services and enrich the business we work with. These are the New Services Marketing Management Enterprise, LLC plans to introduce by 2025. Services MME-365 will Offer by 2025

U.S Copyright Notices 2016Creation of The FREE Entertainment Directory 2017Creation of Mo Money Empire & Media Wave Entertainment 2016Creation of Online Hosting Company www.mme-domains.com 2017 S.M.M Campaigns 2018Email Marketing Campaigns 2018 Self Serve Advertising Network 2018S.E.O & Website Audits 2018Private Blog Network Backlinking Campaigns 2019SMS Texting Ad Campaigns 2019Private Network | Search Engine Advertising Campaigns 2019Search Engine Optimization Single Keyword Google 2019Renaming of Online Hosting Company www.mme-365.net 2019Direct Traffic Advertising Campaigns 2019 Press Release Writing & Distribution SERVICE 2019Online Billboard Ad Placement 2019Network of Entertainment Websites 2020Development of 3 Advertising Projects 2020Physical Digital Billboard Ad Placement 2020Press Release Writing & Distribution BRAND www.buzzmypress.com 2020Spotify Curator Network & Spotify Marketing BRAND www.rankmyspotify.com 2020Development of 3 Financial Technology Websites 2021Private Marketing Research & Data Analytics 2023Cars Advertising Campaign 2023TV Ad Placement Campaigns 2024Receipt Ads 2024Political Marketing Research 2025