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Copyright Notice Protect Your Works.


Copyright Filing


What is a Copyright?

A Copyright is a form of protection provided by U.S. law to authors of “original works of authorship.”


What is a Copyright Notice?

A Copyright Notice is a legal document that asserts your rights to" original works of authorship."


Use a Copyright Notice Document if:

  • You want to provide notice to others that you claim copyright protection in your works.
  • You want to provide contact information so that potential licensees are able to properly identify the owner of the work.
  • You want to prevent accused copiers from arguing that their acts of copying were innocent mistakes.
  • You want to claim for yourself the full range of benefits afforded under copyright law.


Additional Related Information:

  • A Copyright Notice is for Written Text, Visual Work, Pictures of Original Artwork, Audio/Recording, and Original Artworks. A Copyright Notice is not a Trademark/Slogans registration or Patent Registration
  • Copyright Notice Asserts Owner Rights.
  • Copyright Notices are not the same as a Trademark Registration. Trademarks will require additional filing.
  • Names or Slogans cannot be copyrighted. Names or Slogan can be trademarked.  Trademark tend to be owned by a business.


Have You Created Something Original, Safeguard Your Intellectual Properties, File You’re a Copyright Notice Today!

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